Argos is one of the most popular UK shopping sites on the Internet. Argos is also one of the UK's largest non-food retail chains, with sales worth several billion pounds.

They are the No 1 shop for toys and for small electrical appliances, and they're a leading player in lots of other markets which include DIY and gardening, consumer electronics & furniture.

Argos was founded in 1973, and was the pioneer of catalogue retailing in the United Kingdom .

After almost six years as a private company they were bought by BAT Industries Limited in 1979, and then they were demerged in 1990. Argos became a limited company again until it GUS plc acquired them in 1998.

Argos is now part of the Argos Retail Group, which is owned by GUS plc.

Argos, launched in 1973, has almost five hundred stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Approximately 98% of the UK population live within 10 miles of an Argos store.

Argos had sales in the last financial year of 2.8 billion. The Argos Website is also increasing adding to their sales.

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