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Argos UK is one of the United Kingdom's biggest nonfood retail chains, and has sales of over 3bn (Apr 2003 - Mar 2004).

Argos was founded in 1973. Argos UK was the pioneer of catalog retailing in the UK.

UK Argos, which was launched in 1973, has five hundred or so stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Approximately 98% of the UK population live within 10 miles of an Argos shop.

Argos had sales in the financial year 2003-2004 of over 3 bn.

During the next 3 years Argos UK is planning to open 35 new stores a year employing an additional 2,000 a year.

All remaining small stores are to be refurbished by March 2004.

Argos is to increase capacity and improve their customer service in Argos Direct, the delivery to home operation. Sales via Argos Direct grew by 50% compared to last year. It accounted for 16% of Argos' sales - up from 12% last year.

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