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RAC - the UK roadside assistance company and provider of motoring services including car finance, insurance, traffic and travel information.

RAC History

The RAC motoring organization received royal approval in 1907, ten years after first formation a the Automobile Club. The RAC club invested heavily in promoting the interests of private motorists introducing uniformed breakdown patrols at the turn of the 1900's along with emergency roadside phone boxes in 1912 and was the first organization to introduce driving certificates - many years prior to the UK Government. In 1999 Lex (originally a side arm of the RAC company specializing in car parking and leasing services) bought the RAC services from the original RAC club. Whilst the RAC no longer has any links with the RAC club they have stuck firm in their commitment to supporting motorists and have extended their motoring services further since this change in ownership. Currently RAC membership levels number around seven million UK customers for their breakdown services but there are many other people who use RAC's wide range of services and their Internet site as well as providing information on their services is a fully comprehensive resource for motorists.

RAC Products & Web Site Resources

Whilst the RAC is probably most well known for their award winning roadside recovery services as the web site makes it clear they have a much wider range of services and products for motorists. The web site offers a wide range of RAC traffic information and motoring advice which is available to all as well as additional member services. Examples of their wide range of products and services available on line aside from their well known breakdown services and insurance products include:

  • RAC car buying advice
  • RAC loans for car finance
  • RAC motorcycle services
  • RAC research reports
  • RAC roadwatch
  • RAC route map
  • RAC street map
  • RAC vehicle examinations
  • If you are looking for car finance apply online for a RAC loan or if planning your next journey use their route planner and get RAC street maps and travel information direct from the web site. For all your car and travel needs visit RAC online.

    RAC online for motoring products and services

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