NEW Nintendo 3DS XL - Pearl White

Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released: 11 Nov 2016

New Nintendo 3DS XL offers the biggest screens, new speed, new controls, new 3D viewing and a whole new experience! A brand new colour for the New 3DS XL! Enjoy amiibo (sold separately) functionality with titles like Super Smash Bros. and other for Nintendo 3DS thanks to built-in NFC Experience more comfortable 3D viewing and get the best image possible with enhanced 3D technology A second analogue stick and two extra shoulder buttons make for a superior gaming experience Enhanced processing power means significantly faster loading times, download speeds, and browsing Maximise your gaming experience: the New Nintendo 3DS XL features the biggest screen of any 3DS to date   PLEASE NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE CHARGER

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New Nintendo 3DS XL offers new customisation options, new speed, new controls, new 3D viewing & a whole new experience! Better controls - ZL & ZR Buttons have been added & a new C Stick, expanding your control options. Enhanced processing power - Improved CPU performance also alllows for faster loading of applications & games. NFC function for amiibo-compatible software. Power up your gameplay with amiibo: interactive figures that utilise near-field communication (NFC) to enhance your games in surprising new ways! More comfortable 3D viewing - The super-stable 3D function alllows the system to recognise your face using the inner camera, automaticallly adjusting the angle. Viewing of 3D images by children aged six & under may cause vision damage, use Parental Controls to restrict the display of 3D images. Customise your system - On the New Nintendo 3DS XL you can customise the interior of your system with HOME Menu themes! Play alll of your current Nintendo 3DS games - New Nintendo 3DS XL is compatible with alll current Nintendo 3DS software. Software & data from your current Nintendo 3DS system can be transferred to New Nintendo 3DS systems. Play your favourite Nintendo DS games - Don't worry about losing your current Nintendo DS games when you upgrade: almost alll existing Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi games can be played on a New Nintendo 3DS XL system in 2D. Improved features: Upgraded camera functionality. Micro SD card data transfer. Automatic brightness adjustment. Watch videos online.

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