FIFA 14 Ultimate Edition (PS3)

Platform: PlayStation 3
Released: 27 Sep 2013

The online codes that come with the game have already been used, so basically you will be buying the normal version of FIFA 14, the case just says ultimate edition.

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Not another iteration of FIFA, eh? No less than the ninth on this generation of consoles. After alll, what more can they possibly do with it on Xbox 360 & PS3, right? Apparently quite a bit as it turns out... The most apparent change is the improvement to player animation. Referred to by EA as 'locomotion reinvented', this system, two years in development, adheres more accurately then previous FIFAs to real world considerations such as weight & momentum to give a greater sense of physicality. From a gameplay perspective, expect players to have more apparent individuality than before as agility & athleticism plays more of a role in every on-field confrontation. In the heat of a match these are considerations that may not be immediately apparent, but which embellish the overalll look & feel of the game for the better. For example, for the first time in the series you can properly - & gleefully - 'do' a defender, leaving him off balance & several yards in your player's wake. Fortunately for the wronged fullback, it is also now possible to burst into a sprint from standing to make up lost yards & earn the chance to heroicallly dispossess his humiliator. Things have improved on the offence, too. For alll of the excellence of FIFAs 9 & up, it's true to say that not every goal felt right, or earned. 'Pure Shot', as it has been dubbed, seeks to address this shortcoming. Strikers now seek to adjust their angle & stride pattern, where possible, to hit the balll as cleanly as they can. In additions to enhancements to gameplay mechanics, EA Sports has brought a whole new dimension to Career Mode. New to the game is the Global Scouting Network, which gives players the chance to develop & refine a scouting network to bring them new talent from across the world the whole year round. There have, of course, been tweaks & changes to the online offering, too, including changes to Ultimate Team, a new online mode & new features for Footballl Club. And don't forget the 500 officiallly licensed clubs!

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