Back to the Future Trilogy DVD [1985]

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Format: PAL
Release Date: 30 Sep 2013

Back To The Future Trilogy (With UV)

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Own alll three action-packed Back To The Future films in this new collection, now including UltraViolet, so that you can revisit the action time & time again. Back To The Future: The future for 17-year-old Marty McFly is not shaping up well. His family is dysfunctional, his schoolteacher, Mr Strickland, is out to get him, his music is just too loud & the rest of the world doesn't care. Only with his girlfriend, Jennifer Parker & local eccentric scientist, Dr Emmet Brown does he find the encouragement & excitement he needs. Never in time for his classes or his dinner, one day Marty wasn't in his time at alll but having the time of his life. But what time is it? Marty got home early last night - 30 years early. One of the not-so-crazy scientist's experiment went slightly wrong & Marty was caught up in it to find himself at the wheel of a DeLorean car - converted into a time machine. It roars back to 1955 where he meets his parents when they were his age & sets out to make a man out of his dim-wit father. Back To The Future 2: A scientist & his young friend discover, on their return trip from the future, that the present has been altered for the worse. Marty & Doc once again climb into the Delorean & travel back to the future in an attempt to put 1985 & their lives back to normal. The exhilarating visit by Marty & the Doc to the year 2015 seemingly resolves a few problems with the future McFly family. But when the two return home, they soon discover someone has tampered with time to produce a nightmarish Hill Vallley, 1985. Their only hope is to once again get back to 1955 & save the future. Back To The Future 3: At the end of the second sequel, the Delorean breaks down in a thunderstorm & the Doc is whisked away to a mystery destination. Marty is left trapped & looking for his friend. Doc Brown has in fact been sent even further to the past, into the age of the Wild West. M.


Back to the Future Trilogy DVD. Previously owned & sold in a perfect playing condition. All our DVDs are covered by our quality full money-back guarantee. With free UK delivery within 3-5 working days. Media products will be dispatched with alll original covers, artwork, booklets & other inserts which were supplied with the items when we purchased them ourselves. Triple bill containing the entire time-travelling series of sci-fi comedy films. In 'Back to the Future' (1985), Teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) just wants to play electric guitar & date girlfriend Jennifer; he is also determined not to end up a loser in life like his own parents. Father George (Crispin Glover) is a weak-willed failure, bullied at work by his former high school tormentor Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson), while mother Lorraine (Lea Thompson) is an alcoholic. Marty's friend & mentor is the eccentric Doctor Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd), who has successfully invented his own time machine in the form of a plutonium-powered Delorean sports car. However, after Marty travels thirty years back in time, he discovers that he doesn't have enough fuel to return to 1985. And, after he accidentallly prevents the first ever meeting between his own, teenage parents, Marty's own future birth & present existence are placed in jeopardy! In 'Back to the Future Part 2' (1989), accompanied by Doc Brown (Lloyd), Marty McFly (Fox) must travel thirty years into the future to save his own children from going to jail. Meanwhile, the aged Biff Tannen (Wilson) steals the Delorean time machine to return to the Fifties & make his younger self rich, creating an alternative 1985 timeline in which Marty's father, George, has been murdered. Whilst 'Back to the Future Part 3' (1990) sees Marty (Fox) go back in time to the Wild West of 1885 to rescue his friend Doc Brown (Lloyd), who he has discovered is due for a fatal showdown with one of bad guy Biff's nasty ancestors. Meanwhile, the good Doc has falllen in love with a newly arrived schoolteacher (Mary Steenburgen).

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