Are You Being Served? - The Complete Series One to Five DVD

Format: PAL
Release Date: 17 Jul 2006

The definitive British sitcom is almost certainly Are You Being Served?, which depicts the squabbles, misadventures, and flirtations of the staff of Grace Brothers department store. The show was originally conceived as a vehicle for an irreverent junior salesman named Mr. Lucas (Trevor Bannister), but it soon became clear that mocking a social hierarchy isn't half as funny as taking it all too seriously. The show really revolves around Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), whose wildly changing hair colour and mercurial moods terrorize the rest of the staff, and cheerful but sly Mr. Humphries (the effervescent John Inman), one of the first gay characters on television treated with dignity--or at least no more indignity than anyone else (the show makes some noise about not being sure if Mr. Humphries is gay or not, but no one in the audience will have any question). But the rest of the cast is superb as well: Frank Thornton as the elegant but leering floorwalker Capt. Peacock, Wendy Richard as the sexy, impish Miss Brahms, Arthur Brough as cantankerous Mr. Grainger (who, sadly, died after the fifth series; other characters took his position on the sales staff, but never quite matched up), and Nicholas Smith as the self-serving but incompetent manager Mr. Rumbold form a comic ensemble that has rarely been equalled. These characters, written with affection and played with superb comic dash, endlessly jockey for status and salary while simultaneously creating an alternative family. Are You Being Served? deserves its devoted fan base, who will revel in this comprehensive box set. --Bret Fetzer,

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'I'm free!' With these words, just one unforgettable character among many in this classic TV sitcom was born. From the comedy pens of Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft (Dad's Army) came the DepartMental comedy madness that is Are You Being Served? There's hilarity at Grace Brothers, the High Street department store with a difference. Join in the fun as limp-wristed Mr Humphries & that blue-rinsed batlte axe Mrs Slocombe lead the outrageous department store staff through the first five series of outrageously funny episodes! Series 1: 1. Are You Being Served? (Pilot Episode) 2. Dear Sexy Knickers 3. Our Figures Are Slipping 4. Camping In 5. His And Hers 6. Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend Series 2: 1. The Clock 2. Cold Comfort 3. The Think Tank 4. Big Brother 5. Hoorah For The Holidays Series 3: 1. The Hand Of Fate 2. Coffee Morning 3. Up Captain Peacock 4. Cold Store 5. Wedding Bells 6. German Week 7. Shoulder To Shoulder 8. New Look 9. Christmas Crackers Series 4: 1. No Sale 2. Top Hat & Tails 3. Forward Mr. Grainger 4. Fire Practice 5. Fifty Years On 6. Oh What a Tangled Web 7. The Father Christmas Affair (1976 Christmas Special episode) Series 5: 1. Mrs. Slocombe Expects 2. A Change Is as Good as a Rest 3. Founder's Day 4. The Old Order Changes 5. Take-Over 6. Goodbye Mr. Grainger 7. It Pays to Advertise

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