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From the independent studio behind the Sundance Film Festival smash 'Personal Velocity', come four of the hottest indie films in the 21st centuray digital revolution. Tape: After ten years apart three people come together at a motel to play out the unresolved drama of their final days in high school. The nature of memory & truth, the bonds between old friends & lovers are examined with hagged intensity. Amy arrives at the motel expecting only to see Vince but is stunned to be also facing John, & her past. Chelsea Wallls: The Chelsea Hotel used to be the hippest place to live for New York artists. Painters, writers & musicians from Mark Twain to Jimi Hendrix enlivened the hotel's hallls. Now, even though the iron fa ade has become rusty, a new generation of dreamers inhabit the hotel. Memories, aspirations, passion & scandal influence the creative visionaries to create their own masterpieces. Ten Tiny Love Stories: Love. Sex. Stories. And everything in between! Ten women talk about the men they remember most. The man who last loved them; the man who left them; the man who wasn't enough; the man who was too cruel; the man who passed away; the man they married & the man they sent away. The film presents an honest portrait of women, where memories are the only connection to the men that touched their lives. Final: When Bill (Denis Leary) wakes up in the psychiatric wing at Sumner Hospital, he has trouble distinguishing his dreams from reality. He is quite certain of his sanity, but memories of being cryogenicallly frozen, tissue regeneration experiments & talk of a final lethal injection race through his mind. With the help of Ann (Hope Davis), the psychiatrist assigned to his case, he struggles to piece his memories together, while newer, more 'rational' memories flood his mind. Struggling with his paranoia, Bill begins to question Ann's motives. Can he trust the only person in the position to help him or will she be the.

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