House Of Cards Season 5

With the recent American Presidential Election blurring the lines between fact and what was previously considered fiction, many fans and critics wondered if a political drama like Netflix's House of Cards would seem dull in comparison. House of Cards may be a lot of things: campy, often ridiculous, certainly mean spirited, but it could never be dull. President Frank Underwood wouldn't allow that.

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House Of Cards Season 5 DVD Review

If House of Cards has one advantage that no other show has, it's that Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, as they play the First Couple of American politics, continue to be fantastically brutal in their portrayal of the Underwood's. after five seasons of plotting, conniving, and occasionally killing, House of Cards should be ridiculous, it should be far away from its prestigious beginnings, and it is. What makes season five so watchable, so damn entertaining is that the show learned long ago that leaning into this madness makes for some compelling television. Why should they care if it's not realistic? It's no worse than real life.

Much of the season involves Frank and Claire Underwood fighting like sharks to keep the power that they have sacrificed so much for. It's a revitalising story for the show as it keeps the viewers engaged with the leads, while making sure that most of the narrative fat from the previous two seasons has been cut.

The politics have never been less important to the story: they are merely the weapons with which the characters arm themselves with. House of Cards has morphed from a political drama into an alternative history of American government. Never has it suited the label of "the West Wing, but evil" this much. While the show will have become too far-fetched for some, it is still, at it's very core, a delivery system for two of the best lead performances of any medium.

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The DVD release date for the fifth series of House Of Cards is 2nd October, 2017. It stars the wonderful Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

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