Cheap DVDs – Disney & Pixar

Disney (including Pixar nowadays) have produced a huge number of top quality, mainly animated films. These span back as far as the 1920s with Disney (producing classics films like Snow White) up to the modern day where they (and Pixar, who Disney bought) still create incredible films that will be watched again and again for years.

This section is dedicated to Disney/Pixar films. We have listed below all the top Disney and Pixar films - click on one to get a page about it showing you all the DVDs (and blu-rays) available for it, which you can then click on to get a price comparison where we do our best to find you the cheapest price for it!

About Our DVD Price Comparisons

We always try to find the cheapest UK price for DVDs and blu-rays by comparing prices at shops like Amazon, Zavvi, BBC, ASDA, HMV, Tesco, eBay, Base, The Hut, Alibris, Blackwells, The Works and many more shops. Our free price comparison works quickly to find the best price, including postage. Whether you're looking for a specific series/season, or a complete box set collection, then we can do the hard work for you!

So whichever DVD, blu-ray or box set you are looking for – make sure you compare prices here before buying!


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